Sharon Nield Memorial Award

I am entering my final year of my BScN at the University of Victoria. I have been fortunate to attend nursing school while pursing my love for the outdoors and raising a child in the beautiful West Kootenay region of British Columbia.

I have chosen to enter into nursing as it is a remarkable, complex blend of health and caring sciences. As a student-nurse, I am challenged each day to provide care that meets the physical, emotional, social and psychological needs of those whom I work with.  Nursing is synonymous with extensive lifelong learning and inter-professional collaboration; I am suited to be entering into such a dynamic and evolving profession. Becoming a nurse also offers a unique opportunity for me to pursue my lifelong commitment to social equality in a professional capacity.

Upon completion of my nursing degree, I intend on spending time in one of the West Kootenay region’s rural acute care centers where I will consolidate and expand my nursing skills and knowledge. My long term career goal is to transition into rural community nursing with particular focus of palliation and supporting our elderly.