Award Recipient

Gabriela Peguero-Rodriguez

Dr. Dorothy Kergin Award

From very early on, I have always been fascinated by healthcare. When I was only nine, I witnessed a baby’s delivery in my family. Driven by curiosity, I went into the delivery room against everyone’s advice. Since then, my interest for healthcare only kept growing and I believe that day played a pivotal role in my later decision to study nursing. Indeed, nursing allows me to connect with patients and their families, guide them and provide care that meets their needs. Although my initial encounter with nursing happened through obstetrics, my expertise lies with critical care, as I have been working in an emergency department since I graduated.

Pursuing graduate studies in nursing made me realize I had a passion for research. I am convinced that the changes required in the healthcare system will occur through nursing research. However, nurse leaders are needed throughout the system, as nursing leadership is central to many solutions. As I want to contribute more actively to the nursing discipline and profession for which I care deeply, I would like to express my gratitude for receiving the Dr. Dorothy J. Kergin award.

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