Award Recipient

Georgia Dewart

Sanofi Pasteur Award

I am incredibly grateful to have been chosen as the recipient of the Canadian Nurses Foundation’s Sanofi Pasteur Scholarship.

I completed undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta in 2013 and was fortunate to begin my career in the field of women’s health, specifically, as a labour and delivery nurse. I love the challenge of working in obstetrical care but while working in acute setting, I witnessed first hand, the struggles many women face in accessing maternal health services. This realization motivated me to return to academic studies and community led research. I am currently involved in research that seeks to understand ways to improve access to health services and prenatal care, in particular for women who have had difficult previous care experiences.

I am appreciative of the generosity of the Canadian Nurses Foundation. With their support, I will be better able to concentrate on my graduate research work and achieve success within my doctoral program at the University of Alberta. In the year ahead, I hope to expand my skills and knowledge in both research methodology and community based harm reduction. Ultimately, I aspire to contribute work that helps foster equitable access to health care across Canada for women and vulnerable populations.

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