Award Recipient

Guillaume Fontaine

Senator Norm Paterson Award

I am a clinical nurse and a PhD student at the Faculty of Nursing at Université de Montréal. I developed a passion for nursing education while working in the emergency department and helping with training and mentoring my fellow nurses, hence my desire to pursue graduate studies.

I completed my Masters in Nursing at Université de Montréal and the Montreal Heart Institute. My masters project consisted in developing and assessing an online platform to help train nurses in promoting healthy lifestyle choices among cardiovascular patients. My masters research and its impact on nursing practice were recognized when I received the 2017 Global Nursing Innovation award from Sanofi Global Division, supported by the International Council of Nurses.

My doctoral research is focused on the use of artificial intelligence in online training platforms to help nurses develop their counseling skills as they encourage healthy lifestyle choices among people living with chronic conditions. The Kathryn J. Hannah (2017), AstraZeneca (2018) and Norm Paterson (2019) scholarships that I received from CNF throughout my studies support me in achieving my goal to become a nursing researcher focused on the development and assessment of new technologies that will contribute to nurse training and population health in Canada and abroad.

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