Guillaume Fontaine

GuillaumeFontaineI am a clinical nurse and doctoral student at the Nursing School of Université de Montréal. While I was working in an emergency department and contributing to the training and mentoring of my fellow nurses, I developed a passion for nursing education, hence my desire to pursue graduate studies.

I pursued a Masters degree at the Nursing School of Université de Montréal and the Montreal Heart Institute. My research dealt with the development and assessment of an e-learning platform designed to train nurses in encouraging a healthy lifestyle among cardiovascular patients. This research and its impact on nursing practice were recognized with the 2017 Global Nursing Innovation Award from Sanofi Global Division, with the support of the International Council of Nurses.

My doctoral research is focused on the use of artificial intelligence in e-learning platforms in order to help nurses develop counseling skills to encourage healthy lifestyle changes in patients with chronic conditions. Receiving the AstraZeneca award from CNF will allow me to pursue my objective of becoming a nursing researcher who will develop and assess new technologies that will contribute to the training of nurses and improve health outcomes in Canada and around the world.