Award Recipient

Hailey Starnes

Anita George Memorial Nursing Award

For several years I had been searching for my vocation, with nursing in the forefront of my considerations. The recent pandemic allowed me to reflect more deeply on my values, for which I am grateful, and through this reflection my deliberation to pursue nursing has been unwavering. To begin with, I have a strong desire to find meaning in my work and with respect to the increased mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges as of lately, I could think of no other career that will grant me a greater capacity to support the needs of my community than nursing. I feel especially empowered knowing that my future practice will include a personal perspective that will strengthen our healthcare system by helping to lower barriers and better supporting those it cares for. I had worked in the hospitality industry for nearly 10 years, and I can attest that I’m not only accustomed to the type of work that comes with professional nursing but, moreover, I long for a profession in which I am able to work on my feet, in a team-based setting, and for the service of others. Therefore, I am extremely motivated to graduate next spring and become a registered nurse.

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