Award Recipient

Heather Anderson

Yvonne Andrews Award

There were several factors that contributed to my desire to become a nurse. After having been a stay-at-home mom raising my six children for 18 years and watching many of my peers establish financial independence and careers of their own, I found myself envious and curious about the possibility of having such an experience in my lifetime. My amazing husband has worked hard for many years to provide for our family and I would like to reciprocate and ease the burden that he has been carrying. I chose nursing as I recognize the need and value it will always hold in people’s lives, and my ability to improve the health and wellness of members of my community as well as my loved ones. I also chose nursing for practical purposes such as being able to find work locally and being able to utilize the knowledge and skills that I have acquired, daily inside and outside of work. I have now completed my 2nd year of the 4 year program and am finding success in my studies. I am thoroughly enjoying the theory and pathophysiology components of the program as well as my interactions with patients. This year’s practicum allowed me more opportunity to practice the clinical skills that we have learned in the lab which fostered greater understanding and confidence. I am most proud of my commitment to academic success, for being recognized as a leader in my class and strong in our programs health and healing and professional responsibility domains. I am truly grateful for being chosen as one of this year’s scholarship recipients. The funds will surely alleviate financial strain which will directly and positively impact my own health and wellness.

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