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Heather Anderson

CNF Award

Dear CNF and donors, firstly I’d like to thank you for choosing me as a recipient of the 2021/22 scholarship award. I am not only grateful for the financial support but I find I find it encouraging, and an honor to be recognized for my work ethic, contributions to my community, and my achievements. I chose to become a nurse after having stayed at home raising my children until the youngest of six entered kindergarten. In anticipation of all of my children being in school, I looked into the programs that my local college offered and chose nursing for practical reasons such as it being a program I could take without uprooting my family, because it’s a professional that people (including myself) highly regard, because there is a high demand for nurses, and because I believed that I possessed the innate qualities of a good nurse and was capable of learning and performing the skills necessary to do the job. Currently, I have just begun my 4th year in the program and am completing my first practicum of the year on the KLH medical floor in Nelson. Each day in practice offers new learning opportunities, a chance to consolidate the skills that I have already practiced, and allows me to become more proficient in my work. I am looking forward to the year ahead where I’ve been assigned to be part of a team leadership project working on international/newcomer health and wellbeing, and cross cultural friendship. One recent accomplishment that I’ve proud of is having been accepted and hired on to my regional psychiatric unit as an employed student nurse. I have had a strong interest in mental health since the beginning of the program, and have been excited about working in this niche of nursing. I will work in this role full time during the months of August and December, which will be followed by my last two practicums of the program. Again, I appreciate your support of my nursing endeavors.


With gratitude,

Heather Anderson

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