Award Recipient

Ibukun Ojo

CNSA BIPOC Nursing Award

My name is Ibukun Ojo, I’m a Nigerian-Canadian from Calgary, AB, and I am a fourth-year nursing student at the University of Alberta. Some of my extra-curricular activities include dancing, baking, and engaging on campus through student leadership and advocacy. As I near the end of my degree, I look forward to empowering and uplifting black and racialized populations in my practice.

I’ve wanted to work in healthcare for as long as I can remember. Specifically, I wanted to be a doctor. The title carried with it a certain sparkle but as a kid, I didn’t really understand the many different roles there were to play in meaningful patient care. As I edged closer to university applications, I realized that my desire for direct patient care aligned most closely with nursing; thus, started my nursing journey. I’ve been able to learn about the different types of nursing I could step into and the myriad of ways nurses at all levels contribute to healthcare overall. I am grateful to have chosen a career that allows me to work closely with patients and offers many opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Nursing was an introduction to the vague, overarching concept I’ve wanted since I was a kid but now it’s a reflection of my personal values – service and empowerment.

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