Ima Vojoud

Ima Vojoud (1)I am an international educated nurse from Iran. Since my childhood, I was interested in health care fields for my career.

I got Bachelor of Science in nursing in 1991 from Shiraz University, one of the high ranking universities in Iran. Since I was one of the top students in my class, I was hired as the nursing instructor right after my graduation.

After almost two years, I switched to the clinical setting in a general hospital in Shiraz/Iran because of my interest in working with patients to make a difference in their lives. Actually, I love nursing because I enjoy being helpful and taking care of public health. I also believe that nursing is a privilege for me to help others to heal.

I had 14 years of experience in nursing in various wards prior to immigration to Canada. In order to become an RN in Alberta, I needed to complete the Bridge to Canadian Nursing certified program (BCN program) at Mount Royal University in Calgary/Alberta. I started that program in January 2017.

It is an honor for me to receive the scholarship for Internationally Educated Nurses from Canadian Nurses Foundation. I would like to appreciate CNF and all generous donors for giving me this opportunity to proceed my nursing career in Canada and make a difference in life of other people.