Nova Scotia Nurses Award

I am excited to be entering my third year of the BScN at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. Throughout high school, I always enjoyed science courses the most, and I knew I wanted to pursue a science based career at university. Nursing did not come to my mind initially, but when I pictured my future self I knew I wanted a job where I would be interacting with and helping people. My dad suggested nursing to me, and after a short consideration I realized it would be the perfect fit for me. My nursing courses and clinical placements thus far have only further solidified that feeling for me. I love learning more about the science behind nursing and healthcare, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to build connections with patients. During my summers I have worked at a nursing home near my home town, and I have loved the experience of connecting with and caring for patients. I am excited to continue my studies this fall and take another step closer towards joining the amazing profession of registered nursing. After graduation I hope to work at the hospital near my home in rural Nova Scotia and have a positive impact on the residents of my community. I hope to then pursue my studies further to become a Nurse Practitioner, and return to working in the hospital near my home where I wish to contribute toward improving the healthcare in my community.