Jane Quiamco

action shot 2When my mom couldn’t control her bladder, can’t even remember my name it was heartbreaking yet that made me realize that it is my turn now to take care of her. I was only given a few months. After she died, I never felt that what I did for her was enough and will never be enough after all the love and sacrifices she did for me. From then on, I promised to myself to be better every day, to grow and improve on my craft- Nursing. Nursing gave me a sense of purpose every day. Each day is a fresh start, a new opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. Caring for sick people especially with dementia is a privilege, an opportunity for me because I felt that they are my family, my own. Happiness for me is seeing our sick/vulnerable elderly people smiling, well looked after, and feeling loved daily. I commit to be their comfort, their hope, and their refuge in the difficult times of their life even just for a few hours that I am with them. The process of getting back into the profession I love –with this bridging program for RN in Mount Royal University is indeed test of faith and pride but nonetheless I will choose nursing over and over again. I am proud to choose to be that person around in times of joy and difficulty for someone.