Award Recipient

Janelle Carriere

TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award – Baccalaureate

Why I chose to become a nurse? Let me count the ways.  Coming from a large and close-knit family with many relatives, I witnessed firsthand from a young age how essential it is to care for others, both young and old.  My mother cared for several family members who were ill, and I spent plenty of time around hospitals and care homes visiting sick people.  From an early age, I was often told that my personality aligned very well with the compassion and empathy required to be a caring nurse.

My love of sciences and my desire to be a servant leader make nursing the perfect fit for what promises to be a very fulfilling career. After participating in the National Consortium of Health Training (Ottawa), and a full day job shadowing in the operating Room of the St. Boniface Hospital during a Take Your Child to Work Day at the age of 15, I knew what path I wanted to follow.  My aunt, who is a doctor for the Northern Medical Unit, also inspired me by sharing her love for the medical field.  Conversations about ethical decisions to health care practices and medical advances are always most interesting and pique my interests.

While there are many careers that allow one to positively impact the lives of others, there are few that strive to serve all people, regardless of age, religion, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, etc. We are not to judge but to serve.  Nursing is at the forefront of servant leadership.  Science and technological advances fascinate me, so to use my scientific knowledge base, clinical skills and interpersonal skills to enhance the health/comfort of others is just amazing.  I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to become a nurse and look forward to making a positive difference in the lives of all those I will be privileged to interact with.

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