Jasmine Moreash

Jasmine MoreashMy name is Jasmine Moreash and I am attending Dalhousie University’s Advanced Standing nursing program. I chose to pursue nursing after volunteering at the emergency department in my community. I had just completed a psychology degree and was wondering what to do next; I knew that I enjoyed working with and helping people but had no idea which career best fit those goals. While volunteering at the emergency department, a paramedic suggested that I become a nurse. Due to not having a strong science background I felt like this was an impossible pursuit. After completing some research and looking into the nursing program requirements, I decided to go for it.

From completing the required courses to successfully being accepted into the nursing program, I committed to working very hard. I have been able to accomplish high grades, become Vice President of Student Support within the Dalhousie University Nursing Society and become involved in research through Dr. Bombay’s Indigenous Wellness lab and Dr. Waldron’s research work. I look forward to continuing my research involvement to produce evidence-based research to help improve the health of minority populations.

Nursing offers so many opportunities and I am so excited for what the future holds.