Jayzonette Stanne Santos


I grew up in a small town in the Philippines where I was closely guided by my parents and grandparents. It was with them that I first witness the reality of life and started to aspire more for myself and my family. But as a young Stan, I did not see myself as a nurse back then. Actually, I want to be in the world of finance. It was with my admiration to my Aunt that pushed me to try to become a nurse. After I graduated in the metro with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, I served most of my years in a public hospital where I provided nursing care to less fortunate families. This is when I realized the significance of my profession and embraced it with passion. It also made me understand that the fulfillment of being a nurse is something that money cannot reciprocate.  I then subject myself to learn more by studying in the Graduate school and strived to reach for excellence so I can be the best that I can be. My competency was tested when I once volunteered to an outreach program for the victims of a category 5 typhoon in the Philippines. This is one of my memorable experiences as a nurse. I appreciated the opportunity as we give care to individuals who were in their lowest point of their lives. 10 years had past and the hunger for knowledge and experience were again, tickled me. That was the time I told myself that I must move on and try what the western world has to offer. I was so grateful that Canada gave me that chance. Now as I pursue my lifelong dream, I feel nothing but the deep desire to finish my bridging program. I am so proud