Northern Scholarship

I am absolutely ecstatic to have received this scholarship to aid me throughout this final year of my nursing education. As a mature student I have financed my education through loans and by working as a student nurse. Currently I am employed as a student nurse on the maternity and pediatrics floor in Trail B.C. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience. My nursing program is full time and as a dedicated student I find time to work only during summer. This scholarship has lowered my stress levels, leaving me to focus on the care that I provide to my patients.

In the future I hope to specialize in maternity and pediatrics, as well as work in remote rural communities, particularly in Northern Canada. I recently spent three weeks in Guatemala in a nursing practicum, and the issues that the Aboriginal people face there are strikingly similar to our own communities here in Canada; issues such as mining, clean water supply, education, as well as other basic human rights are important issues that I hope to help communities up North obtain. Thank you so much for helping me to help others!