Award Recipient

Jessica Krahn

Judy Hill Memorial Award

I’m entering my third year of my BScN at the University of Alberta.  I am so thankful to be a recipient of a CNF scholarship and look forward to putting it to good use as I continue my studies this year.   While I am passionate about nursing and the crucial role it plays in healthcare, I can’t think of a defining moment where I knew I wanted to pursue this exciting and challenging career.   I have always been passionate about learning, especially about the human body, while at the same time seeing the immense global need for the pursuit of social justice and equity. After graduating high school, I began to see nursing as a beautiful way to combine science, as it is foundational to our practice, with a front line, hands-on, and relational career.  I believe that nurses hold tremendous strength and influence both in numbers and through the compassionate, competent, and holistic way in which we are taught to view and care for our patients.   I look forward to embarking on a journey in nursing that is full of so many opportunities to make positive changes on an individual, institutional, societal, and global levels.

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