Frances Stoddart Award

I’m half way through my 3rd year of nursing school at the University of Manitoba.  I enjoy being involved on campus, and this coming semester I will be the chair of the mentorship program with the Nursing Students’ Association, as well as continuing as a student lab technician in the nursing labs.  I first thought I may want to be a nurse because a passion for medicine runs in my family: my mother is a nurse, my grandmother was a nurse, and my grandfather and uncle were physicians.

I chose to pursue this career because I wanted to fuse my passion for helping people with my love of science and medicine.  I also very much enjoy teaching, and there are many opportunities for this in nursing, not only with patients, but also with future nurses and colleagues.  I also chose the career for its flexibility: I thrive on diversity, and I love the idea that I can pursue multiple different areas of expertise throughout the span of my career.  Nursing is a career that is ever evolving; there is always something to learn and there is always room to grow.  I am not an individual that enjoys being stagnant; I want to be challenged on a daily basis, and a career in nursing will afford me that opportunity.