TD Meloche Monnex Award

I am honoured to be chosen for the CNF TD Meloche Monnex Scholarship. I am entering my third year of the doctoral program in nursing at Memorial University of Newfoundland. This generous funding will enable me to focus on the initial stages of my research in cardiovascular health promotion.

As a nurse practitioner, working with patients who have previously undergone cardiovascular surgery, I have an understanding of the experience of people who have endured pain and suffering in the recovery process. In this advanced nursing practice role, I have an opportunity to assist patients and their families on their journey to improved health and quality of life.

As a nurse educator, I am involved in teaching nursing students at the non-degree, baccalaureate, and master’s degree level. Sharing clinical experiences from my past work as a nurse provides many opportunities to mentor future nurses. In collaboration with others, I have developed nursing courses that promote critical thinking and research in caring for patients and their families.

The funding provided by this scholarship provides an opportunity to pursue my nursing research that focuses on cardiovascular screening initiatives to reduce the risk of developing heart problems. This research may also benefit people with established heart disease to optimize their health. Investing in research that focuses on risk reduction and preventing problems has the potential to improve the lives of Canadian patients, families, and communities in the future.