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I chose to become a nurse because I find life intrinsically beautiful.

Nursing is one of those few professions where one is trusted to share in the significant moments of the lives of others. The moment a newborn takes their first breath, the moment a child gets their first vaccine, the moment a teenager learns “it’s okay to be different.” I am privileged to see the full beauty of life unravel before my eyes by being there for my patients every step along the way. To be trusted, respected, and confided in like an old friend. To help them when they are alone or in pain and provide them care, compassion, and companionship.

Nursing is a privileged profession where one can appreciate the full beauty of life. The ups and downs. The firsts and lasts. Practicing nursing gives me a harbour to anchor myself and find my place in this world. Because in this rapidly changing society, rife with comparison, inequalities, and uncertainty, one truth remains unchanged — life will go on. In all its different variations. And it is the collection of which that makes the world vibrant and beautiful.

As a CNF Scholar, I hope to preserve the light in every individual who comes into my care and assist them in living their life to the fullest. By choosing nursing as my profession, I can live out this dream while appreciating the beauty of life.

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