CNSA Impact Award

I have just completed my second year of nursing school at the College of the Rockies in BC.  Having lived in a small town for the majority of my life I have become passionate about rural nursing and the importance of healthy and happy communities on health for individuals and populations.  I am grateful to be the recipient of the CNF/CNSA Impact award as I care deeply about my community and appreciate the CNSA for fostering and encouraging the community of nursing students both within the college and across the country.

I chose nursing because I wanted to learn about health and healing of the human body but I have learned so much more about the external influences that affect ones health.  This knowledge has propelled me to pursue rural nursing as part of my career goals following graduation.  I am inspired by strong communities and hope to promote health in meaningful ways to different communities.  I am looking forward to the coming clinical placements in community and mental health settings in third year!