Award Recipient

Jocelyn Elias

Dr. Helen Preston Glass Award

I was first drawn to nursing while serving in the slums of India. Seeing a lack of health in many inspired me to serve as a nursing home healthcare aide upon returning home. Shortly thereafter, I pursued my baccalaureate of nursing, becoming a first-generation university graduate. I am thankful I had this chance because nursing aligns well with my values, vision and mission, providing me with diverse and meaningful opportunities to serve others.

Since graduating I have obtained certification in emergency nursing, spent most of my career as an emergency nurse, served for a time as a clinical resource nurse, and more recently worked as a teaching assistant and research assistant. The privilege of helping someone on what may be the worst day of their life has never been lost on me and every day I strive to approach my work – whether on the frontlines or not – in service, humility and gratitude.

As I enter the third year of a thesis-based Master of Nursing program, I recognize the profound influence of supportive nurse leaders and faculty upon my journey, evidenced by the numerous scholarships, studentships, awards, recognitions, and opportunities I have received. I am most proud of my intentional and uncompromising commitment to excellence which has propelled me towards significant personal, professional and academic growth, and I look forward to continuing to learn, serve and lead in nursing and beyond with the enhanced skillset I am acquiring. I am also proud to be named a CNF scholar and am grateful to the Canadian Nurses Foundation for the support and opportunity afforded by this award.

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