Award Recipient

Joy Edobor

CeraVe Skincare Scholarships for Diversity and Equity

I have always admired nurses and the work they do from my childhood days till now. As a young girl I had a strong desire to assist people around me who needed support and encouragement when they were facing difficulties. Sitting at the bedside of my dad while he battled with a long-term illness availed me the opportunity to see how nurses care and support their patients. Seeing this made my love for the nursing profession to grow. Also, I was opportune to work at the medical laboratory of a hospital for a few months while acquiring a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and my aspiration to be a nurse one day was rekindled even more. While I was working there, I enjoyed relating with the patient and helping them with their tests.

I was inspired to pursue a career in healthcare because of my passion for helping those in need especially the sick and frail. This career path avails me the opportunity to touch the lives of others while making a living for myself. Gaining a nursing degree will provide me with the necessary skills and knowledge I require to work as a nurse in the ever-changing field of nursing.  Although nursing may be sometimes challenging, the rewards and job satisfaction can never be overemphasized.

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