Award Recipient

Julie Gagnon

Taggart Parkes Foundation Nursing Scholarship

I am fortunate to have been working as a nurse for more than a decade at the Rimouski Regional Hospital in Quebec. I have also been providing initial training to future nurses since 2013. Throughout my journey, I completed several training programs and acquired clinical experience that enables me to help patients in complex clinical situations. I am determined to unlock the full potential of these skills by pursuing graduate studies.

Passionate about providing the best possible care, I enrolled as a full-time student in the masters of nursing program at the University of Ottawa in September 2018. This decision stemmed from my keen interest in academic teaching and my desire to pursue doctoral studies. My research is focused on wound care, which is a major problem for health professionals. Wounds have a major impact on the quality of life of patients and substantial economic consequences. I am particularly interested by the transfer of wound care knowledge to junior nurses. My study will lead to tangible positive changes for novice nurses working with all types of patients, from the newborn to the elderly.

Having always been an engaged citizen, I continue to move forward with ambition and dedication in the development of an expertise that will translate into excellent care, with the rewarding support of the Canadian Nurses Foundation. Many thanks!

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