Award Recipient

Karen Campbell

Dr. Alice Girard Award

Why I became a nurse …

Some say nursing is a calling; perhaps they are right. It becomes compelling and extraordinary in so many ways. Nursing is a way of being and knowing that becomes more than what you do.

As a nurse, I have cried with grieving parents; celebrated the strengths of young mothers. As a nurse, I have collaborated with communities; developed strategies to address health concerns. As a nurse, I have promoted vaccinations; I have listened and responded to the fears of parents. As a nurse, I have supported breastfeeding; trained mothers to be peer supporters. As a nurse, I have coordinated community services; made supports easier for parents to access. As a nurse, I helped children transition into kindergarten; addressed the needs of schools and parents. As a nurse, I have assessed rates of breastfeeding;  conducted research to better understand the reasons behind decisions. As a nurse, I have sought to understand how to create change; I have created change for clients. Each client has changed me, as a nurse.

I have grown everyday since I became a nurse. The opportunities are limitless; It’s more than just caring for the sick.

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