Dr. Dorothy J Kergin Fellowship

I have been working as an emergency nurse for the past four years. During this challenging time that our health care system is facing, I have been providing leadership within my workplace by regularly advocating for patient safety and a healthy, quality work place for staff. It was my work as an emergency nurse that challenged me to ask critical questions about the way in which we practice and deliver patient care.

My experiences as an emergency nurse have inspired me to pursue my graduate studies. In my thesis I will explore and seek to understand the experience of women having miscarriages in the emergency department in order to improve the delivery of care to this often overlooked patient population. With my findings I intend to collaborate with leaders in emergency care and obstetrics and gynecology to initiate change at the bedside and within the broader health care system.

I feel honored to be the recipient of the Dr. Dorothy Kergin Award. The award will help support me financially and at the same time support my potential for growth as a nursing researcher in improving the lives of patients and families as they seek emergency care