Award Recipient

Katherine Elson

TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award – Baccalaureate

My nursing career began with the Labrador Nursing Access Program which was designed to recruit and train Labrador residents to become nurses who would stay home and work.  For over twenty-four years I have been nursing in my home province of Labrador.  As a Labrador southern Inuit Registered Nurse, I have worked in a number of roles in remote and rural communities of Labrador. Including my home community of Cartwright, a remote indigenous community with a population of 420.  My passion for nursing in  Labrador has led me to different  career roles.  From working as a Regional Nurse with an expanded practice in isolated coastal Labrador communities, medical-surgical hospital nursing, and 12 years nursing management for 7 northern community clinics. My experiences and skills have prepared me for my current role as clinical nurse educator for 17 remote and rural sites within Labrador-Grenfell Health.  In 2017, it was the passion for learning that has taken me on my journey to complete my Post RN Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) via distance learning from St. Francis Xavier University. I am into my second year of my 4 year plan to complete my BScN. This great program will allow me to continue to work fulltime, raise my two teenage children and pursue my part-time studies, all from home.  Continuing education is important and at this stage as an adult learner, I have had great support in my success which will benefit my fellow health care providers and the patients I serve.

Labrador is a beautiful place to live and work. I enjoy the outdoor activities that most people will only experience living in a northern community like berry picking, skidooing, and ice fishing.  The traditional food, music and culture are unique and give you such a sense of pride. The people have had to be resourceful and creative with limited resources.  I am surrounded by rugged beauty which is protected by national parks.   All these parts have shaped the person I am and the nursing care I provide.

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