Award Recipient

Katherine Timbang

Telca Linn/Nelia Laroza Award

Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed learning sciences, especially biology.  I have been really fascinated about how science of life in any kinds or forms works.  Also, I am the kind of person who enjoys change, critical thinking, and continuous learning, as well as communicating and connecting with people, regardless of their backgrounds.  Summing up all of these qualities and expectations, I believe I found the perfect program for me.  Nursing encompasses the science of life and the art of communicating and connecting.  I believe that this career path will further hone my strengths and will help me discover and overcome my limitations.  I am excited to enter the world of nursing because I know that I will be able to learn continuously, advocate for the people’s needs, influence change, and contribute to the society.

I would like to thank the donors for helping me achieve my dreams to become a nurse.  This award would enable me to focus more on the learning aspect of school and volunteer in the homeless shelter that I have been attending.  I hope someday that I will be able to help students achieve their dreams just as you have helped me.  Again, my sincerest gratitude.

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