Award Recipient

Kathy Nguyen

Ginette Lemire Rodger Award

I was always motivated by making a difference in people’s lives by helping them through caring. Someone even asked me if I was sure nursing was what I truly wanted to do, and I’m glad to show years later I’m still working as a nurse clinician.

The further I advanced through my bachelor’s degree, the more I couldn’t believe the complexity of the profession and how nurses developed different skill sets to support a person in difficult times. Their critical-thinking and rapid assessment of a patient’s status, their reliance on evidence-based knowledge and prior clinical experience, their holistic viewpoint and ability to take decisions in a variety of situations are amongst the many things that I admire of nursing. Being able to gain the same abilities that impressed me as a student when I finished my Bachelor of Nursing degree at Université de Montréal is an achievement I hold dear to my heart every day. Although, I kept asking myself “Why are we doing things this way?”

This curious nature and growing desire to better support nurses themselves launched me onto my current path of a master’s degree in health administration. I believe the leadership of nurses and their potential in the fields of technology and informatics will shape the future of healthcare. This belief is further fueled by the honor of receiving the Ginette Lemire Rodger Award. I am thankful for this opportunity to pursue my interests in updating nurses in their use of health information technologies.

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