Virginia Lindabury Award

As a second year nursing student, I have worked in a long-term care facility, a daycare, and at community blood pressure clinics. I volunteer as a student nurse with an elderly couple and provide basic caregiving services. I am a research assistant for a nursing professor, where I explore the world of cancer survivorship.

This award will allow me to focus on getting the most out of my clinical placements, academic courses, nursing research, and volunteer experiences as it prevents me from spending valuable time working to cover school and housing expenses. The additional time the award provides me will allow me to practice my nursing skills, get more experience interacting with the public, and get involved in more nursing research projects. On my journey to developing into a competent, compassionate, and committed nurse, I will be under a lot of pressure and it is important for me to limit the external stress in order to succeed in my nursing program. The financial stress associated with tuition and living expenses will be alleviated thanks to this monetary award, which will allow me to focus on the more important aspects of becoming a registered nurse.