Award Recipient

Kayla Davidson

RBC Diversity in Nursing Fund Award

Since nursing school I knew I wanted to focus on a surgical-based career path. Ever since I experienced my first surgical rotation, I knew that is where I belonged and could spend my entire nursing career. I have primarily worked on a surgery unit, however, over the past year I have given myself a taste of the other nursing areas including post-partum, endoscopy, and palliative care. I am currently taking a renal dialysis nursing program. Early in my career I learned that nursing is versatile, and that I am fortunate to try interesting areas with ease, in comparison to many other professions. Because of my various experiences, I can say with confidence that there are certain areas of nursing I like more than others. I have reaffirmed what I knew in my heart. Surgical nursing is my passion above all other areas. My future aspiration is to finish my RN program. Since I know I want to spend the rest of my career in nursing, I am motivated to make the bridge from LPN to RN. I look forward to obtaining the experience and knowledge over the length of my career and while in school. This reward will benefit me financially in achieving my RN degree as it will ease the financial burden and allow me to put more energy into gaining knowledge from the program. I will enhance my nursing skills and knowledge, which will make me a better nurse and in effect, will make a notable difference in the lives of the many patients I will have the pleasure of taking care of in the future.


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