Kayla Plett


I am extremely thankful and honoured to have received the CNF Sharon Neild Award.

Growing up, I always had a heart for serving others and aspired to find a job where I could help people. Nursing was always something I considered as a career option as I thought about my future. As a child, my twin sister experienced many health problems and was hospitalized numerous times. While she went through these health challenges, I developed a passion for the healthcare field as I stood alongside her in the hospital and observed many amazing nurses and other healthcare workers making a positive impact during difficult times.  When I graduated from high school, I decided to go into nursing because I knew that it would be a career where I could help people and I was very interested in human anatomy and physiology as well.

Now that I am in the nursing profession, I am constantly rewarded as I strive to provide quality and person-centred care to each patient and family that I encounter. I believe that each patient is unique and that it is important to get to know their individualized wishes and preferences surrounding their care. For each patient and their family, my goal is to improve their healthcare experience and do whatever I can within my capacity to provide the best care possible.  I believe that I can make a positive impact during each encounter with my patients and patient’s family.