Award Recipient

Kristi Panchuk

Dr. Ann Beckingham Award

“To ensure that those who are most vulnerable to the effects of increasing inequities receive socially responsive healthcare, [nurse practitioners (NPs)] must be prepared to exercise their voice in influencing the social and political trends that are shaping such inequities.” (Browne & Tarlier, 2008)

My commitment to nursing research is one way I am taking up this challenge to NPs to influence social and political trends to improve health equity. My proposed study will examine how primary healthcare organizations become and remain responsive to people who experience the health effects of systemic inequities arising from social and material circumstances. The generous support I receive through the Dr. Dorothy Kergin Award supports my dissertation research project, and for this I am very grateful.

On completion of my doctoral program at UBC, I look forward to advancing my program of research while maintaining NP practice with patients and families who experience marginalization. I will draw on clinical experiences as diverse as public health, medical-surgical nursing, and primary care as I undertake to continue mentoring the next generation of advanced practice nurses and nurse leaders in primary healthcare. In this way, I hope to contribute to forming nurses and NPs who are prepared for practice, including taking social and political action to improve the health of Canadians.

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