Virginia Lindabury Award

I am sincerely thankful and honored to be the recipient of the CNF Virginia Lindabury Scholarship. I made the decision to return to school to pursue nursing because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. What drew me to nursing, in particular, is the fact that it is a caring profession, and I love that the work I perform on a daily basis shows expressed care to others. I am currently completing a clinical placement in ICU where I am gaining an incredible amount of knowledge and skills, and I hope to begin my nursing career in a critical care environment.

My hopes and future plans, after gaining some nursing experience, are to expand my nursing role as a nurse practitioner to further impact the lives of patients, families, and communities. Receiving this generous award allows me to focus more time and energy on my studies as I work to achieve my goals. I am committed to working hard and being well prepared to deliver competent care to my patients. I feel privileged to be entering the highly respected and trusted profession of nursing.