CNF COVID-19 Fund Award

My decision to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP) was informed by a desire to connect with people about their health. Understanding and informing health care decisions underpins my clinical practice and my current doctoral research. I have had the opportunity to practice as an RN in many care settings including intensive care. Now, as an NP my practice is centered with patients who have prolonged or persistent critical illness. Our expert nursing and allied team work to wean patients from mechanical ventilation out of ICU. Care planning and setting goals with patients and their families is the part of my role that I love most.

During the COVID-19 pandemic our program was able to create ICU capacity while at the same time providing specialized care to patients recovering from COVID-19 ARDS. My clinical and research work concerning the rehabilitation and in particular supporting patient communication during the pandemic has been immensely gratifying. Providing comprehensive and compassionate care under pandemic circumstances requires clinical expertise and genuine leadership. I am very grateful to have received the CNF COVID-19 Fund Award and proud to call myself a CNF scholar.