Award Recipient

Laura Rigg

College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia Award

My interest in nursing came about during my previous undergraduate degree; I thought I wanted to pursue biological research at the time.  I had taken a part-time job as a student life ambassador, and I was tasked with attending and reporting on a Dalhousie nursing event that had drawn student nurses from schools across the Maritimes to engage in some friendly clinical simulation competitions.  I met one of the school’s instructors at the event and she was just so engaging and passionate about her work as a nurse.  It was incredible watching the students critically think through the simulations, knowing that they soon would be out in the world helping individuals in these very situations.  During the debriefing sessions, they discussed the difference you can make in people’s lives through your presence as a nurse, even if it’s as simple as putting a hand on your client’s/family member’s shoulder.

This exposure demonstrated to me how nurses are at the forefront of positive change in people’s lives, and I wanted to be a part of it.  I already feel like I have made a difference through my role as a student nurse in my day to day work and during clinical placements.  I am thrilled to be starting a career in a profession that has a diversity of opportunities for me to explore, while offering me the chance to build strong relationships with other healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

I am very thankful to the Canadian Nurses Foundation for the support I have received through this award, which will allow me to achieve my goals of fostering positive change in my patient’s lives!

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