Leigh Hoffman

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I went into nursing because I am excited about learning skills in caring for the body and for the person and their communities as a whole. I am particularly interested in providing care for those who are typically marginalized by the health system, those who are under-treated, and those who are often systemically punished or blamed for their negative health outcomes. I am passionate about harm reduction and sexual health nursing, and have transformed this into various workshops I have facilitated to peers and faculty alike in my nursing school of McGill University, as well as at the Canadian Nursing Students Association national conference in 2020. I have also facilitated workshops within my school around providing care for LGBTQ+ communities, and have worked informally amongst faculty for curriculum reform to be more representative of diverse racial and gendered realities. I am currently interested in researching a harm-reduction based model for psychiatric intervention during mental health crises, and using this model to create a mental health intervention team that can replace the need for calling the police during psychiatric or mental health crisis.