CNF Award

I was thirteen when I first volunteered in a Long-Term Care facility. Inspired by the nurses working there, here I am having practiced thirty years as a Registered Nurse. Twenty-five of those years I’ve worked as a Palliative Care Consult Nurse. I am inspired personally and professionally by the families I meet. Education has been a priority throughout my career. Motivated to help others receive education, I became a facilitator for Pallium Canada. In this role I am able to provide workshops that focus on increasing health care providers palliative care knowledge. This knowledge creates increased capacity to ensure Canadians have access to care throughout their illness. My passion and love for nursing has never wavered I suspect this influenced my two beautiful daughters to become Baccalaureate prepared nurses. I wish for them to have the same positive experience and longevity in their nursing careers. I believe that returning to university proves that we never reach a place in this life when learning ends. Obtaining my BN opens any doors that otherwise may have been closed for future opportunities.

I want to be able to say I gave back more than I’ve been given. I am humbled to be a CNF scholarship recipient. I am incredibly grateful that the donors and the CNF recognize how this scholarship will allow me to further give back to my community. Having the opportunity to assist in building and maintaining a sustainable healthcare system for all Canadians is a privilege.