Dr. Dorothy Kergin Award

Lysanne Daoust has been working as a pediatric nurse for more than 23 years. Out of her practice, she developed a special concern for children in palliative care and their family and for contributing to the clinical development of nurses’ role in this setting. She is touched by the honesty and vulnerability of children, from which she derives the motivation to improve her practice and provide better care. She decided to further her education and enroll in the Master of Nursing program in order to broaden her knowledge with respect to research, care approach and family intervention. More than financial support, being awarded the Dr. Dorothy Kergin scholarship represents in her view an acknowledgement of the potential impact of nursing research. Pediatric palliative care is complex and emotionally charged. Nurses are called upon to bring their unique contribution and vision in caring for these children, taking into account the global impact of their illness on the entire family. This is why Lysanne intends to use the skills acquired as part of her studies to bring even more consistency to the nursing practice and to share her knowledge with her colleagues and families of patients.