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Maia Joseph

CNF Award

The path leading to my decision to become a nurse was not a direct one. My professional life began in the humanities, where I earned a PhD in English, and taught writing and literature to undergraduate students. I also freelanced for many years as a writer, editor, and researcher. At a certain point, however, I began to feel something was missing: increasingly, I felt driven to serve others in a more practical, hands-on way in my local community. Then my son was born prematurely and endured a prolonged hospital stay. Before this time, I had given little thought to nursing, but suddenly nurses were among the most important people in my life. I became fascinated by this profession that combines an impressive clinical skill set with caregiving, teaching, advocacy, and outreach, and ultimately decided to enrol in UBC’s accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. I am proud of my decision to steer myself down this challenging and fulfilling new path, and am grateful for the opportunities that nursing school is opening up. I am keen to begin serving families and especially my city’s priority populations in my new career as a nurse.

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