Award Recipient

Makuachukwu Ezenyem

CeraVe Skincare Scholarships for Diversity and Equity

Nursing is an incredible gift to the world. Nurses are present in their patient’s lives through life’s most difficult and beautiful times. They are there to advocate, encourage, support, guide and promote their health and wellbeing. Having the desire to help people was an attribute that came naturally with me. I am a very compassionate and self driven individual who enjoys listening to peoples stories and providing leadership and support in the ways that I could. I pay careful attention to details. As a young girl, I understudied a nurse that was my relative, I was fascinated by the relationship she built with her patients and how she carried her duties with respect for autonomy and human dignity. Then I decided that I would like to have a career as hers when I grow up.

Growing up in a family of 7 with parents who worked very hard and taught us that determination and commitment were very important skills to develop in life towards achieving once set goals. I set a goal of becoming a nurse for myself; I was determined to share my kind and compassionate gift to the entire patient that will receive my care. In 2019, I was granted admission to pursue this goal.  I am overjoyed to have been blessed with such opportunity. Being a nurse has been a dream come true and it aligns so well with the person I am created to be.

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