Award Recipient

Margaretha van Maaren

RBC Diversity in Nursing Award

I’m feeling honoured and privileged to have been selected for the CNF RBC Diversity in Nursing Award. To have been chosen for this award makes me feel that my hard work towards excellence has been noticed. As far as I can remember I always had a fascination towards the role of the nurse. My grandmother told me stories of when she was a nurse during World War II in the Netherlands. I believe that people can feel called towards a certain profession. For me this is nursing. I’m passionate about nursing because it gives me the opportunity to come along side individuals from various ages, cultures and beliefs to provide support during times of dealing with disease, crisis moments, emergencies and even death. It took all the courage I had to apply for the IEN-program and to start writing exams again at my age. The study has been intense and exciting all at the same time, and I have found that my passion for nursing has continued to increase. My clinical experiences have confirmed that my scary and courageous decision was worth it all. The scholarship money provides an immense relief of my emotional burden regarding my financial tension. It allows me to focus on the academic and personal commitment it takes to complete this program with excellence. I believe this scholarship to be an investment towards my calling as a nurse, and an added encouragement towards my plans of pursuing my Masters to become a Nurse Practitioner. I desire to make an impact in my community and communities up north that are faced with significant disparities in health services. Please accept my deep gratitude for this generous gift. I consider it an investment into my future professional life as a nurse, as well as an encouragement to dream big and continue to grow.

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