Award Recipient

Maria Valiente

CeraVe Skincare Scholarships for Diversity and Equity

Since I was very young, I knew I wanted to work in the medical field. I have always been interested in labor and delivery and women’s health, which to this day is my career goal. Coming to Canada from Venezuela made me broaden the decision of my role in healthcare. In Venezuela, becoming a healthcare provider was almost impossible due to a lack of resources and frequent strikes that would delay studies. When I arrived in Canada, I was amazed at the number of opportunities offered, and nursing had all that I wanted. I wanted to be at the bedside and be there for my clients. I wanted to be able to advocate for them and make their day a bit more cheerful and bright. Once I finished my first year of nursing, I started to work as a personal support worker (PSW) to determine if this would be my path, and I made the right decision. I loved being a PSW, and I worked as one for two years, starting in a retirement home just as the COVID-19 pandemic started. I got to know some of the residents very well, and I did my best to make them happy, as I was often the only face they would see for weeks at a time, since visitors were not allowed. I am currently completing my second last placement, which can be physically and emotionally hard at times. I also know that I will soon be facing the many challenges of a new grad in the field, I still love what I do. I am satisfied with the choice of career that I have made.

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