Award Recipient

Maridith Brown

Nova Scotia Nurses Award

I am a third year nursing student at the beautiful Saint Francis Xavier University. Outside of class, I enjoy being physically active and involved in my community.  I am thrilled to be entering a career that challenges me, allows me to continually learn and care for others.  One of the most influential factors in my career choice was my hospitalization.  My nurses went above and beyond their job to make my days brighter and my recovery possible.  I specifically remember one nurse watching a movie with me on her night shift — and I will never forget how much that meant to me.  My friends and family will tell you that I’m a “giver” and it excites me to be able to care for people as a career, since it is what I do best.

My decision to pursue nursing has been reinforced with every clinical experience I have gone through. I tend to take keen interest in everything I am exposed to and am excited about the opportunities nursing presents me with.  As someone who loves learning, I know nursing is the right field for me because there are plenty of educational opportunities out there.  I see nursing as a way to change lives using my helpful attitude, leadership qualities, critical thinking skills and huge heart.  I am able to understand from a patient point of view what being vulnerable feels like— and this has influenced my nursing practice. In short, I am becoming a nurse because I want to make a difference in patients’ lives, just like my nurses changed my life.

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