Award Recipient

Marie-Claude Simpson

Dr. Helen Preston Glass Award

I am a graduate student at the University of Manitoba, College of Nursing, and a college professor at the Université de Saint-Boniface, School of Nursing and Health Studies. I am constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges in my personal and professional life; thus, I foresee a future of lifelong learning. I am an emerging nursing leader, passionate about contributing to nursing education and the profession. I am focused and dedicated to seeking leadership opportunities, such as teaching, mentoring, advocating, and researching in nursing.

The focus of my graduate studies is on the education of future nurses and our future nurse leaders. In 2016, I completed an intense and challenging critical care certificate, which was the spark that lit the flame for my pursuit of graduate education and improving clinical nursing education. To this end, in 2018, I obtained a position facilitating nursing students’ clinical education as a practicum course leader for all clinical rotations. My roles include administrator, educator, and mentor for nursing students and clinical instructors throughout their clinical experiences. As a novice educator, I plan to pursue the goal of teaching excellence. As my current role focuses on clinical education, I believe it is important for me to remain grounded in clinical practice; therefore, I also continue to engage in clinical practice in intensive care units.

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