Marie Elaine Delvin

Marie Elaine Delvin2I have now been a nurse for more than 20 years and my passion for this profession continues to evolve … nursing has stimulated my personal growth in many ways! A career in nursing appeals to me because it has and continues to offer various opportunities to explore a variety of work environments.  I have always been driven to support vulnerable populations and nursing has provided me with the perfect platform.  Providing holistic care, where persons, families and communities are involved in their health, has always motivated my professional development.

The completion of my master’s degree combined with the nurse practitioner’s certificate has provided me skills and critical thinking knowledge to allow the provision of primary health care utilizing nursing approaches. Having had the privilege of working in an Indigenous Northern community, I was able to explore the meaning of health within a different culture, which has contributed greatly to my professional and personal growth.

I am a course professor with the Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners Program where I have had the opportunity to share my experiences and passion for nursing with future nursing colleagues. I have now expanded my interest in primary health care provision to older adults and I am currently pursuing my PhD in nursing.  I hope to contribute to nursing knowledge on the role of advanced practice nursing in older adult’s care provisions.  Receiving an award from the Canadian Nurses Foundation is an honour and will be of great support in my academic journey.