TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award – Master’s

This award will benefit me as a nurse by giving me the opportunity to take courses that will prepare me to become a nurse practitioner. Taking these courses will contribute to my nursing practice by expanding my nursing knowledge about common health conditions and treatment options so that I will be eventually able to diagnose and treat minor health conditions. Through these courses, I will develop strong assessment skills and strengthen my critical thinking skills which will give me a unique and powerful opportunity to help people achieve optimal holistic health. As a result, I can make a difference in the lives of my patients and the families in my communities by increasing their timely access to healthcare.

I will be able to contribute even more to the Aboriginal community because I plan to practice as a nurse practitioner in Stony Plain, which is in the middle of three Aboriginal communities. This will have a huge benefit for improving Aboriginal health care because I will be able to increase access to timely health care for the Aboriginal population by ordering diagnostic tests and providing treatment for their health conditions. I have a strong passion for the First Nation and Metis community due to my own personal background.  I am so thankful and appreciative of this award because without it I would not have an opportunity to become a nurse practitioner.