Mary Strain

Mary StrainI am honoured to be the recipient of the Canadian Nurses Foundation Northern Award.  I am currently a Bachelor of Science in Nursing student at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario.  Prior to entering the nursing program, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree at Lakehead University in 2016, majoring in Indigenous Studies.  Additionally, I completed my Social Service Worker diploma as an accelerated student in 2017 at Cambrian College.

I am a dedicated Cross-Country Running Varsity Athlete at Cambrian College.  As an athlete, I am afforded the opportunity to act as a community leader, whilst developing perseverance, communication, and collaboration skills that transfer to my nursing practice.  In addition to my passion for varsity athletics, I enjoy investing time in a variety of hobbies and activities that range from knitting and sewing to playing guitar and skateboarding.  I value and embrace community connection.  I immerse myself in numerous volunteer opportunities throughout the school year and during the summer months.

From a young age, I have always felt akin to helping those in need.  Engaging in acts that nurture others is something that I value.  I know that in my nursing practice, my affinity for helping others will undoubtedly assist in providing supportive, caring, and meaningful holistic health care experiences.  I am proud of my accomplishments thus far, and I look forward to the prospects and challenges that the future holds!