Sanofi Pasteur Award

My choice to become a nurse is most certainly multifaceted. There is no single reason that really stands out, but the ability to help people in need was perhaps one of the biggest motivator for me. As a nurse you get to work closely with vulnerable people who are at their absolute lowest and who may also not always be on their best behavior. However, seeing that your nursing skills and expertise in restoring their health contributes to their recovery is a reward in itself.

To this day, I strive to improve overall quality of health and equal access to care for all, especially those who are marginalized. As a nurse, it is my duty to use evidenced-base practice to better educate my patients about leading healthier lifestyles and making better choices for themselves. Being able to influence positive changes in patients’ and communities’ health behaviors is truly what inspires my ongoing involvement in nursing and I hope this will also inspire others to join the profession and do the same.