Award Recipient

Mellanie Kant

Extendicare Nurse Practitioner Award

For the decade preceding my application to graduate school I had been working in clinical research for pharmaceutical companies that were bringing new drugs to market.  Although my work was flexible and interesting, clinical research lacked direct client care which I missed. I decided to make a mid-career move to become a primary health care nurse practitioner (PHCNP). Practicalities of the job required me to resign from my employment as a clinical research nurse. Instead, I would focus on my studies and my young family. I like to think I am serving as a role model to them about the importance of continuing one’s education, and that one can pursue one’s dream at any age.Receiving this scholarship has afforded me the financial freedom to concentrate on my studies, dividing my time between school and family. As a family, we have experienced firsthand the overcrowded emergency rooms and urgent care clinics that PHCNPs can help to alleviate. I have seen the result of the shortage of family physicians in the remote area where my aged parents live and know that PHCNPs would immensely help their community. I have had the opportunity to observe the excellent and comprehensive quality of care delivered by PHCNPs. The certification allows nurses to work to their full potential and advanced scope of practice. PHCNPs are an integral part of the health care team, and are the future of health care. I look forward to my future career as a PHCNP which this scholarship will greatly assist me in achieving.

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